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The Myth of the "Overnight Success" Story
In Video 1,  I pull back the curtain and share my own business building story and what everyone misses when they try to "hit it rich" overnight. If you want a sustainable and successful business you have to focus on this CORE thing right from the beginning.

Many Ways to Serve
Video 2 shares the power of finding your just-right MODEL of business from the start...and explores the multiplicity of ways you can serve, create huge positive impact and make fantastic money while honoring your own strengths and family needs as you grow your work.

An Integrated Life and Livelihood
Video 3 is all about understanding the difference between a good job and life-giving work. When your work is designed to highlight the best in you...and helps bring out the best in others- everyone wins...and you truly thrive. This video will highlight graduates of the WellGrounded Institute and show how they are using their training to do incredible things in the world.
Everything you need to explore how YOU can begin to make this work your own is here.

Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH
Founder, WellGrounded Institute
Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH is the author of the book, Replenish, and founder of the WellGrounded Life community where she supports and equips women and mothers to live healthy, strong and vibrant lives.

She is also the founder and director of the WellGrounded Institute for Women's Wellness which trains women to blend their passion for women's wellness, mentoring and teaching into a career as a Wellness Educator.

Lisa lives in New Jersey with her husband, 3 children and 100 lb yellow lab.
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